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The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman


Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and thought “Really? How can I ever measure up to that?”

Lord knows I have. Recently I have found myself inspired and motivated to take the Proverbs 31 passage and make it my own. What does each verse mean for me? Now? How can I realistically, in a different era, be a woman who fears the Lord and whom her children and husband praise.

It almost sounds unachievable, and for awhile thats what I thought until…

I came up with this =)

I hope that in some way it inspires and encourages you in some way.

Proverbs 31

A woman who truly seeks after God who can find? She is worth far more than any salary or title this world has to offer.

Her husband has faith in her skills and decisions as a wife, mother and woman of God in the home. He is never found lacking or wanting with her by his side.

She speaks life and encouragement into her husband. And lifts him up around others. Bringing Respect and Honor to him from his family, friends and strangers. She doesn’t “husband bash” with her friends.

She purchases things wisely for her home and creates a warm inviting atmosphere for her family as she works diligently.

She shops for the best sales and she will go to multiple grocery stores just to do.

She wakes up int he night to tend and nurture sick children. She wakes early in the morning (no matter how many times she woke at night due to a crying baby) to make breakfast and lunch for her love. She spends time with the Lord and then starts the day with her beloved children who kept her up all night.

She is wise with her money. Occasionally finding good items they don’t need around the home and making a profit on Fb trading sites or offer up. She invests in the spiritual legacy and heritage of her family.

She works very hard to meet the needs of her family and household. She has strength within her and works hard to set an example of Godliness to her family. (Even if she needs to pray for strength in the bathroom for a minute or two) Loving them endlessly and carrying a baby on the hip while cooking and cleaning. She is strong physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She takes care of all the needs of the household and sees how it blesses her husband and children. Providing an inviting, loving, secure atmosphere for them. She is always ready to take care of those needs without hesitation even in the middle of the night. She keeps herself grounded in the word so she does not grow weary.

She is skilled at the crafts of home, hard-working in home making.

She is hospitable and giving to those around her in need.

When the seasons change and it snows, she is not worried because she knows they will be warm with clothing she purchased on clearance last year. She also warms them with hot tea, coffee, warm meals and the coziest of cuddles.

She shops for great deals on bed linens and takes care of them so they last long. She takes care of her appearance to please her husband and to go on much needed mom dates with cherished friends.

Because the household is taken care of and her husband feels loved and respected at home. He excels outside the home and is respected among coworkers, leaders at church and the church body.

She cooks and occasionally makes little crafts for others outside her home.

Her character reflects her inner strength and self worth come from close personal relationship with Jesus. Because of that she is able to have faith, hope and joy in a future she can not see.

She grows and speaks with wisdom, after many continued humbling moments in her life. As she makes it a point be intentional with her quality time with God and to hide Gods word in her heart, it then overflows from her as she instructs her children.

She is attentive to the needs of her home and organizes her time wisely.

The fruit of her labor is evident as her children love on her with words, kisses, and cuddles. Her husband speaks well of her and appreciates her by speaking her love language

Because she seeks to the Lord’s will in light of eternity instead of the temporary now, she is distinguished among the women.

Charm can mislead, beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear of God. (MSG translation)

May others see God in her and honor her.

And when she comes home to the Lord.

May he say,

“Well done my daughter”

This woman is not someone we can’t aspire to be. I think we get so so overwhelmed by her good nature that we just list it as IMPOSSIBLE. But there’s two beauties I’ve come to hold.

First that ANYTHING is possible with Christ. He didn’t just send us out with a mission. He has fully equipped us with weaponry to fulfill that mission. We only need to be willing, ready to learn and execute.

Secondly, as I read through this passage, all these marvelous things she accomplished were in many seasons of life. So don’t be discouraged if in this particular season you feel as though you are failing miserably. You get back up and you reach for our Lord who gives you strength when you are weak.

Momma, Wife, Daughter, Friend.

I believe in you. We can do it.


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