My beautiful friend Erin


This girl right here is the BOMB. No seriously. She has taken majority of the pictures that you see on my blog. She has always made us feel so incredibly comfortable while taking our pictures and truly has captured the love in our home. Did I mention how wonderful she is? I mean she is so down to earth, a woman who truly seeks after God’s own heart, loyal and my sweetest friend.

If it weren’t for her…well….my pictures wouldn’t really be considered “blog” worthy. hahahahaha. Im working on it though…you know I got a good camera…just have to figure out how to use it…hmmmm.

Anyways, Im thankful for beautiful friends like Erin who know how to capture the heart of my home and love in a photo.

If you guys are interested in photography from my sweet friend contact me and I would love to set you up with her.

Click here and here to view some of her gorgeous work.

Thank you Erin for taking the time to use your special gift for my blog. I love you girl!

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