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To My Love, Happy Father’s Day

To my Love,

I couldn’t let Father’s Day pass by without acknowledging the extraordinary father you’ve become.

To the man who leads this home with such integrity and purpose. A Kingdom Man… 

Thank you for our two beautiful girls.

Thank you for being ok and even welcoming the fact that I want 5-6 kids, while everyone else thinks I’m crazy.

Thank you for working 8-12 hour days and still coming home and giving us your best.

Thank you for reading to the girls the same book on repeat every day.

Thank you for putting the girls to sleep so that I can sit on the couch and veg out on a good book.

Thank you for playing with them as soon as you walk in the door, even though you’re exhausted from the day.

Thank you for intentionally going outside with Aria and pointing her to the amazing things our Lord has made. Opening up the door for her to experience Jesus in such a simple, pure way.

Thank you for waking up at night and giving Aria medicine when she’s sick even though you have to be up at 430am.

Thank you for loving the fact that we co-sleep, because you realize that these years are short.

Thank you for cooking and cleaning sometimes so that the house load doesn’t overwhelm me.

Thank you for giving my girls a father who points to the true Father above.

Thank you for making us laugh. Like really belly hurting laughs.

Thank you for not caring how the house looks (and even rebuking me sometimes for cleaning too much) because you really just want our girls to have their moms full attention.

Thank you for growing and continueing to grow.

Thank you for worshiping with us.

Thank you for saying your sorry.

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for being present.

Thank you for showing our girls how a man loves a woman.

Thank you for proving that there are great Fathers in this world.

Thank you for working so hard, so that I can be home with our girls.

Words couldn’t adequately express how content my heart feels with you leading our home.

You know how my heart has ached because of the hurt I’ve experienced with my biological father. But seeing how you tend to our girls hearts, has brought such healing to my heart. God was so gracious to me when he gave me you.

I love you so deeply. And I am glad you are mine.

Happy Father’s Day, My love.

I’ll keep having your babies any day.




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