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Devotions with Aria

Im going to be honest. Starting devotions with Aria has been somewhat of a difficult journey for me. I knew that I wanted to make devotions a part of our daily routine but I honestly felt like I had no resources. Where do I start? What’s age appropriate? Is she even getting this? I should just give up, she’s way to young…

No seriously thats what I thought.

But of course I pressed forward. Why? Because Jesus is very real to me and our family. I want it to be real for Aria too. So after some searching here are some fun resources I’ve stumbled upon. I realized, that at this age. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate. It just needs to be fun, short and engaging for them.

One of my FAVORITE devotions is this book right here:


It’s super age appropriate for the ages of infant to birth. It’s short and interactive. It has a theme, a short bible verse, a short rhyme or song, and then a quick prayer to end your time. Aria LOVES this. Every morning she brings it to me to do with her.  Honestly, the lesson can take less than 2 minutes. But that’s great for their attention span. Once they get familiar with it they might even ask for another one. Aria does this from time to time as she’s gotten older. Another plus, is that the pages are very durable. Especially for those hands that want to rip pages out and crumble them….you know what I mean. LOL.This has definitely been a game changer for us.

I also really enjoy this CD as our worship/dance time

Let’s be honest… Some of these kids songs from the Bible can be really cheesy and kind of get under your skin after awhile. But this particular CD is really catchy and musically done well for small children. My husband and I enjoy putting this on and dancing with her. Most of the songs are based off verses or books of the Bible, so its also a way to teach them how to memorize verses through a song.

Lastly, this book is a great resource for parents with children of all ages.

One of the hardest things for me as a parent, is when I read a great book with great insight and wisdom but then there are no practical examples of application. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed this book. You don’t have to read it through. You literally find your Childs age range and read that portion. There are also other great chapters on other areas such as ….

This is just an example of what I got out of it. I copied it, laminated and then put it on my fridge. This really helps remind me some key thoughts to bring up to Aria about God throughout the day, that are age appropriate.





I hope this helps you all out there! For me, this has been a great start. Remember it doesn’t have to be this big thing when they are small. As long as you are taking a step into teaching them about the word of God you are winning!

I LOVE how the NIV translates Proverbs 22:6:

Start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

It’s up to us to start our children off on the the way they should go, directing them onto the path that gives them life and light in this world, directly to Jesus. So that when they go out into the world, outside our umbrella of protection, they can process the world through a Godly lens.

Enjoy my beautiful friends!!!



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