About Me


I’m Vanessa.  Married to my darling, John. Who is without a doubt my most favorite human being. He’s the calm to my storm and the wind in my sails.

We have begun to build a home that is centered around the vision God has birthed within us. And we love it!

One of our biggest passions together is music. Worship, to be specific. John is an amazing musician and I guess I can hold a tune (haha). We’ve enjoyed countless times of worshipping together in the privacy of our home, among our church and in the car with the windows rolled down singing at the top of our lungs. (I mean is there any better way? hahaha)

(Fun pic from our engagement photo shoot in 2012)

Some of my other passions are reading, writing in my journal, taking endless pictures of my family, cuddling on the couch, shamelessly binging on netflix and drinking an endless amount of coffee and tea.

Above all, though, I have a passion for Jesus and ministry.

That ministry for me now is MOTHERHOOD.

John and I have the most beautiful two girls ever! Aria Belle (the older one) and Stella Marie (our baby).


Their very existence has ignited so much purpose and motivation in my life.

This quote from my favorite book is literally the motto I’ve come to embrace:

“We mothers have the opportunity to influence eternity by building a spiritual legacy in the lives of our children. Through our teaching and influence, morality can be learned and modeled, love and kindness are taught and received, purpose and vision are ignited and passed on….As we tenderly care for our children meeting their needs, teaching them and guiding them, praying for them and modeling our faith, we are also anchoring their hearts to our home, our value, and our beliefs”  

-Sally Clarkson, The Mission of Motherhood. 

With that being said. This blog is just about a simple mom on a mission.

A mom with a dream and song on her heart.

I truly believe that the birds in the air, the whistling of the trees, and the starry dance are all but a few melodies in the grand orchestra of life.

A string of notes…

of a mother’s sweet voice nurturing and guiding her children

of a husband and wife learning to love each other even with all their imperfections

of a family growing in unity amidst the milestones and trials of life

and of a woman embracing her calling and purpose in the light of Christ.

All of Gods creation is singing a song. A song our heart’s were made to sing for his glory.

I don’t want to sing with just my voice but with my whole life.

And then just maybe my family..my children..my heritage will join and sing too.


Will you join me in this grand orchestra of life?

 I really hope you do because I can’t wait to open up to you about my sweet life song.