• To My Love, Happy Father’s Day

    To my Love, I couldn’t let Father’s Day pass by without acknowledging the extraordinary father you’ve become. To the man who leads this home with such integrity and purpose. A Kingdom Man… … Read More

  • My beautiful friend Erin

      This girl right here is the BOMB. No seriously. She has taken majority of the pictures that you see on my blog. She has always made us feel so incredibly comfortable while taking our pictures and truly has captured the love in our home. Did I mention how wonderful she is? I mean she is so down to earth, a woman who truly seeks after God’s own heart, loyal and my sweetest friend.

  • Devotions with Aria

    Im going to be honest. Starting devotions with Aria has been somewhat of a difficult journey for me. I knew that I wanted to make devotions a part of our daily routine but I honestly felt like I had no resources. Where do I start? What’s age appropriate? Is she even getting this? I should just give up, she’s way to young…

  • The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman

      Have you ever read Proverbs 31 and thought “Really? How can I ever measure up to that?” Lord knows I have. Recently I have found myself inspired and motivated to take the Proverbs 31 passage and make it my own. What does each verse mean for me? Now? How can I realistically, in a different era, be a woman who fears the Lord and whom her children and husband praise. It almost sounds unachievable, and for awhile thats what I thought until…

  • Hello world!

    Thank you for taking time to see a little glimpse of our life on this small space. A small space of a family striving to live a life pleasing to God. Striving to build a home that is life-giving. A lighthouse for everyone passing by. A home were Godly legacy and heritage are birthed and passed down from generation to generation. And a simple new mom who is stepping out of her comfort zone to share and do life with you as she creates the vision God laid on her heart of a life-giving home. “By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge…